Two lonely, disparate strangers are brought together by an extraordinary medical condition.

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Mei, a respected English professor, wakes in a Chinese hospital with a curious and frightening condition. A stroke has left her with Foreign Language Syndrome, and she can no longer speak her native language Chinese while somehow, her English abilities remain intact. Unable to communicate with the hospital staff, Mei is likely to miss a last-chance reunion with her long estranged daughter. But by chance, she encounters Kelly, a gruff expat drifter sobering up and licking his wounds from yet another bar fight. Both in a desperate situation, the odd couple form a delicate pact to help each other. But as the two navigate the twisty hallways of the aging hospital and avoid the late night guards, they discover in each other a common spirit that binds them together in unexpected ways.

Starring Elizabeth Sung and Mikey Griffin.

A CONVERSATION is currently on the festival circuit.  To watch the film please contact